ScaffPutLoad – Putting a bridge into those “hard to platform” jobs.

The alternative solution to your Load Bearing Bridging & Putlog challenges

Bridging Scaffolding over those awkward areas has never been easy. You either take an extra load of tube and build around it, along with the increased time and man power or now you can use our brand new, patented solution

Could be you are working on listed buildings, above glass or weak structures. Perhaps you just want to use less tube than you would normally. ScaffPutLoad solves these problems for you.

They are easy to use, will support the weight you need (rated at least for a Ford Focus x 2 ) and guaranteed, substantially less tubing needed.

These have been designed and manufactured in the UK by Scaffolding Products, for Scaffolders. It is fully patented and is only available direct from ourselves and our stockists.

  •  Manufactured in the UK, using quality steel, qualified and registered engineering procedures.
  • Scaffputload comes in two versions and weigh 3.0kg (P) and 4.5kg each (B). 
  • Fully tested by industry professionals to British Standards BS1139-2.2:2009+A1:2015 2020  
  • Each ScaffPutLoad includes up to 4 feet of certified welding, by experts here in the UK
  • Load Bearing to a working loaf of 3100kg (more than 2 x Ford Focus)
  • The ScaffMag review of ScaffPutLoad

We Make Two Versions

ScaffPutLoad B | ScaffPutLoad P

Why choose ScaffPutLoad B?

  • Supports scaffolding over fragile areas that require bridging.
  • Allows the bridging and installation of scaffolding over areas where there is no access for support towers.
  • Erect additional platform’s straight off the first installed working platform.
  • Each installed Scaffputload has a safe working load of 3100kg.

ScaffPutLoad P

The Innovative Way to Support your Putlog Scaffolding

Why choose ScaffPutLoad P?

  • Scaffputload allows putlog scaffolding to be heavy duty.
  • Where narrow scaffolds are needed the scaffolding will require only one set of standards and remain load bearing.
  • Allows where possible to bridge load bearing scaffolding platforms between two walls.
  • Each installed Scaffputload has a safe working load of 3100kg.Scaffolding Products - Our PutLoad at Work

You Can Start Using These On Your Jobs In A Few Days – Buy here ScaffPutLoad B | ScaffPutLoad P

If you have a query before you buy then get in touch. All our products come with a full money back guarantee.

If for any reason you are not happy, just send it back with your details and we’ll refund your purchase price in full – no issues.

ScaffPutLoad in use – just look how versatile this tool is.