The Answer to Modern Putlog Problems – ScaffPutLoad

Sick and tired of having to carry extra tube for those akward ‘putlog’ problem jobs?

Perhaps you are just unhappy that working around those awkward buildings are harder than they should be.

Over here at Scaffolding Products – we have solved a few of these scaffolding bridging problems for you.

Designed for Scaffolders for Scaffolders.

ScaffPutLoad solves your bridging problems.

It’s a certified product, made in England by us.

Perhaps you need to place a putlog over a conservatory or other area of weakness – we use them extensively over conservatory roofing – image below, perhaps you need to do it with less tube and without fuss – then ScaffPutLoad helps you solve the problem.

It’s load bearing (and certified) easy to use and solves the ‘putlog’ problem in a safe and easy way.

  • British Made By Scaffolders
  • Tested and Certified
  • Uses less tubing

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