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Have Scaffolding Products Change The World of Scaffolders in the UK?

Well of course they have!

ScaffCorroClamp – means you can now move up to 6 of those sharp and horrid corrugated sheets up to the roof at one go, no cut hands, no ripped gloves. No danger of the wind catching them. This is an amazing product, and probably one you never never knew you needed. Just look at what our other users have said

This was our first product [still protected by our patent) –  you can only buy from us or from one of our recommended suppliers.

If you run a scaffolding business. If you ever have to lift iron sheets on to a temporary platform, then you should be using the ScaffCorroClamp – designed and made for scaffolders, by scaffolders.

Ever wondered how you support that bridge over a conservatory, or protect a listed building from damage, ever wanted to reduce the amount of tube and clips on a job – then ScaffPutLoad was designed for you to use.

It makes bridging on any building a simple job, rake out the muck and instert the ScaffPutLock and you will save time and money.

Remember, we designed and made this for scaffolders, by scaffolders. ScaffPutLoad works. Is approved and tested, and can only be supplied by us, made in the UK – with engineering standards guaranteed.

Don’t putload any other bridging solution on your van.

Scaffolding Products – changing the world of scaffolders one ScaffPutLoad at a time