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ScaffCorroClamp – Health and Safety

As scaffolders you and I both know that the safety of our team and our work is part of what we do.

But it’s not just compliance with rules for the sake of it, health and safety can be good business practice.

ScaffCorroClamp does more than move CI (corrugated iron) sheets around safely. It moves them quickly and without fuss from floor to temporary roof without fuss and without cut hands. It also does it with less staff and without the weather (wind and rain) causing slow downs in output.

Of course you can continue to work in the old way, with manually pulling sharp CI sheets up and battling against the wind. Even that seems like it was something for the dark ages – the way it used to be done.

ScaffCorroClamp is a health and safety compliant way to move iron sheets and it will also improve profits by taking at least a third of the time it takes to move sheets from floor to roof.

ScaffCorroClamp was designed for scaffolders for scaffolders.

You can buy yours here ScaffCorroClamp

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Bridging Scaffold Using The ScaffPutLoad

When you are trying to bridge those awkward areas, perhaps over a conservatory or maybe around a chimney stack. And desperately need to reduce the amount of time taken and the amount of scaffold tube used – then ScaffPutLoad is the alternative solution.

It is made in the UK and patented by ourselves for Scaffolders. You can move away from having to make complicated bridging and simply tie into the existing brickwork – using the tools you already have available.

When you’re ready to make life easier, along with saving time and money get yourself a pair of these.

ScaffPutLoad – Saving money on Scaffolding Bridging Solutions even if you are not sure if it’s for you. Get in touch and we’ll walk you through some examples.

ScaffPutLoad Sales Team

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ScaffPutLoad – How Scaffolding Firms Save Money and Improve Their Reputation

When you priced that job with the conservatory you never realised that there was no room to place the standards….

And the bridge will need permission from next door, but they are on holibobs for at least a week.

Your client, that pain in the arse roofer who always wants it done yesterday is already sending texts, because he wants materials on site today and the felt in place by tea time.

For you, this is all you need.

With ScaffPutLoad and a 10mm drill bit you can have a support in place to protect the roof below, without stress and hassle. You get the job done on time and without fuss.

ScaffPutLoad makes bridging easy. You can buy yours here ScaffPutLoad – Bridging Solutions for Scaffolders

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What Does ScaffCorroClamp Do ?

Moving corrugated iron (CI) sheets from lorry to rooftop – involves the chance for cut hands, wind damage to workers and the job itself.

It’s all so 1970’s with the man tech of moving one sharp sheet at a time. With ScaffCorroClamp all of that is replaced by
a certified, health and safety approved tool.

Really simple to use and safe – not cut hands no down time – no problems with wind. Quite simply the only way to move CI sheets.

You can buy yours here . ScaffCorroClamp – Moving CI Sheets Safely

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How Much Does A Cut Scaffolders Hand or Foot Cost?

Horrid isn’t it!

How Do You Solve The Scaffolders Cut Hand or Foot issue when using CI Sheets?

By making sure they use a ScaffCorroClamp to move CI up and down the tubes.

£109 for the clamp (post VAT and Postage) or at least

£275 for every day he’s not working, and save the site agent phoning and ruining that reputation you’ve spent years building up. You can even claim the cost back as a business expense.

This really is a “no brainer”

ScaffCCorroClamp one CI Roof at a time.