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ScaffCorroClamp – Health and Safety

As scaffolders you and I both know that the safety of our team and our work is part of what we do.

But it’s not just compliance with rules for the sake of it, health and safety can be good business practice.

ScaffCorroClamp does more than move CI (corrugated iron) sheets around safely. It moves them quickly and without fuss from floor to temporary roof without fuss and without cut hands. It also does it with less staff and without the weather (wind and rain) causing slow downs in output.

Of course you can continue to work in the old way, with manually pulling sharp CI sheets up and battling against the wind. Even that seems like it was something for the dark ages – the way it used to be done.

ScaffCorroClamp is a health and safety compliant way to move iron sheets and it will also improve profits by taking at least a third of the time it takes to move sheets from floor to roof.

ScaffCorroClamp was designed for scaffolders for scaffolders.

You can buy yours here ScaffCorroClamp

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